Policies & Procedures

Bowls Alberta Policies

Abuse Policy

Alberta Player Support Policy 2022
(will be developed fall of 2021)

Anti-Doping Policy

Appeal Policy

Code of Conduct & Ethics Policy

Communication Policy

Concussion Protocol

Confidentiality Policy

Development Team Selection Policy 2022
(will be developed winter 2021/22)

Discipline and Complaints Policy

Harassment and Discrimination Policy

BA Member Compensation Policy
(will be updated for 2021)

Privacy Policy

Uniform Policy

Use of Walkers Policy

Volunteer Screening Policy

Youth Program and Support Policy 2022
(Will be updated for the 2022 Provincial or National Championships)

Bowls Alberta Guidelines & Procedures

Bowls Program Procedure & Guideline Documents:

Conditions of Play Condensed 2021

BA Championships Scheduling

Drawmaster Procedures & Guidelines

Event Head Umpire Duties

Tournament Entry Procedures
(keeping simple for 2021 the same as in 2019))

Tournament Hosting Procedures / Guidelines

National Championships Policies, Procedures, Guidelines

Athletes Code of Conduct Policy

AB Team Travel and Accommodation P & G
(being reviewed and updated for 2022)

Additional Invited Team P & G

Player Substitutions for Nationals Procedures and Guidelines

Team Manager Coach for Majors
(being reviewed and updated for 2022)