Board & Committees

Provincial Board of Directors

President Joy White
Vice President George Hamilton
Secretary Heather Mackie
Treasurer Ann MacDonald
Provincial Director Barb Moll
Provincial Director Joe Conway
Provincial Director Joanna Cooper
Southern Representative not required

Finance Committee

  • Ann MacDonald (Chair)
  • Joy White
  • George Hamilton


  1. responsible for the financial operations of the Association
  2. reviews and presents the annual budget for approval
  3. directs fundraising activities
  4. reviews and recommends annual dues, tournament and other fees
  5. sets policies regarding disbursements re member support

Bowls Program Committee

  • to be determined (Chair)
  1. prepares the Calendar of Events including dates and venues
  2. sets the Conditions of Play and other program policies

Youth Development Committee

  • Heather Mackie (Board rep and Chair)
  • Barb Moll
  • Howard Davison


  1. Plan and/or conduct an annual Provincial Junior Fun day, or any other youth event considered necessary or appropriate, for the benefit and guidance of youth lawn bowlers.
  2. Provide support to clubs that run youth club or development programs.

Athlete Development Committee

  • to be determined (Chair)
  • Derek Dillon (Provincial Coach)
  • a Southern Representative
  • a Northern representative


  1. to make available player/athlete development resources
  2. to develop athlete development programs
  3. recommend individuals to make up Provincial Teams representing the Association at invitational, inter-provincial, or international competitions through a selection policy fitting each event

Coach Development Council

  • Derek Dillon
  • 1 coach rep from each club


  1. ensure NCCP courses are offered by our Learning Facilitators
  2. develop and conduct coaching clinics and offer support to Club Coaches
  3. offer support and further development to the trained competition coaches
  4. act as a conduit for information from BCB, NCCP and BA to all active coaches

Awards Committee

  • vacant (Chair)
  • southern rep
  • northern rep


  1. being determined

Officials Committee

  • to be confirmed by the board (Provincial Head Umpire)
  • southern umpire
  • northern umpire


  1. schedule umpire courses and training sessions
  2. appoint umpires for all provincially organized and sponsored events

Marketing Committee

  • vacant (chair)


  1. to promote our sport
  2. to assist clubs in membership recruitment material

Nominating Committee

  • Board member to be appointed
  • Southern Rep to be appointed
  • Northern Rep to be appointed


  1. propose a slate of candidates for election to positions on the Board of Directors