Strategic Plans & Annual Reports

Bowls Alberta 2018 – 23 Long Range Strategic Plans

During the fall of 2017 and early winter of 2018 a new strategic plan was developed.  We look forward to building a sustainable future, equipping a strong and unified Bowls Alberta community, and offering quality sport development programs.

Strategic Long Range Plans Page Summary (PDF)

Strategic Long Range Plans 2018 – 2022 (PDF)

The Strategic Plans will be reviewed and updated annually. Because the current pandemic has had such a large impact on our ability to meet the plans set for the three years we will refocus the 2024-27 plans into the current year as much as possible. In the fall of 2023 a committee will be struck to begin plans on setting plans for the next three years.

Bowls AB Annual Reports

Bowls Alberta 2019 Report (PDF)

Bowls Alberta 2020 Report (PDF)

Bowls Alberta 2021 Report (PDF)