Coach Development

Club Coach Courses

Are you interested in giving back to the sport?  The newly updated NCCP and Bowls Canada Boulingrin Club Coach Course is ready to be delivered.  This course is designed for a player with a few years experience that wishes to welcome new members to the club and leading them to playing in a fun and participant-centered, safe and welcoming environment. The NCCP and BCB’s Competitive Coach course is in the final stages of development and translation and should be available soon.

Current Course offerings:
June 3 – Modules 5-7 for new Club Coaches as well as a Refresher Course for all current Club Coaches at Calgary Lawn Bowling Club and led by Coach Derek.  Since the course has been updated significantly in the past five years it is recommended that anyone that took the course over six years ago attend the Refresher Course.  The course will run from 6:30 to about 9 pm.

The cost of the Club Coach Course is $75  and the cost of the Competitive coach is $100, but all new coaches will be able to apply for a grant to cover the cost.  If you are interested in still taking a coaching course this upcoming season please register by emailing the Bowls AB office at

All current and those looking to become coaches are also encouraged to take this NCCP course: Coaching Athletes with Disabilities.  The course fee is $15 and if you send in your receipt via email, Bowls Alberta will cover the fee through the Gov’t of AB Sport Support Program.

Training for Coaches

For further information visit the Bowls Canada Coach Page.

Bowls Alberta is committed to ensuring a safe sport environment for all our members and therefore has approved the Coaches Code of Conduct which all provincial coaches are to abide by along with the Code of Conduct & Ethics.

Bowls Alberta now requires that all coaches obtain a Respect in Sport Certificate or Safe Sport Training. For further information check out the website Respect in Sport and scroll down to find the course link, Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders. When you have completed the course please email the the full certificate or the certificate # to the BA office. Alternatively, club coaches can take the NCCP Safe Sport Module offered free of charge and online in The Locker.

Bowls Alberta also is committed to the Responsible Coaching Movement Pledge and encourages all member clubs to also take the pledge. Please follow the “Rule of Two” when coaching new members and youth, ensure all your coaches that work with vulnerable youth or adults have had background screening, and coaches are encouraged to take the Ethics Training. For further information on any of these contact our head coach or the Bowls Alberta office.

Alberta’s head coach, Derek Dillon, is available to offer organizational support of the club coaches across the province, to develop competitive coaches, to run athlete development workshops and camps, and help develop coaching plans for players striving to reach a new level as a competitive player.  Contact Derek at

Coaches in Alberta

Club Coaches – a list should be posted at each club

Competitive Coach in Training – Pat Vos

Trained Coaches for Visually Impaired –  Kathryn McGregor, Marvin Kwan

Performance Coach – Derek Dillon

Becoming a Coach

All courses have been developed by Bowls Canada and the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).

For further details on the pathway for the trained Club Coach and for becoming a certified Competition or Performance Coach see the information on the Bowls Canada Boulingrin Coaching page.