Purchasing Bowls & Supplies

Purchasing Bowls and Lawn Bowls Equipment

Do you have a set to sell? You can advertise on the BA Facebook page or send the BA office your information and specs about the bowls for sale and we can post your notice here.

Do you wish to purchase a set of bowls or other equipment?  Bowls Alberta deals directly with Dan and Brenda Milligan owners of  MVP Sports .  Make a purchase directly through them or they may direct you back to our Executive Director, who manages the sales on behalf of Bowls Alberta. You can also call Pat directly at 780-885-0134.

Bowls Alberta is proud to be a sales representative for MVP Sports because they are the only online shop for purchasing equipment in Canada and because they generously sponsor the Bowls Canada Day and our Canadian Youth in their endeavors to play in international events. If you have information about another ‘seller of bowls equipment’ in Canada please send their information to the office and we can list contact information here for them as well.  See what we are selling currently on the Bowls Alberta  Merchandise Page.

For further information on how to order supplies and other bowls and equipment besides what MVP offers contact the Bowls AB office and we will steer you in the right direction.

We also encourage you to check out Hunter Bowls. They are located in Australia, have a huge selection of lawn bowling equipment, and have generously supported Bowls Alberta in our purchases of assistive devices and other supplies.