Bowls Alberta acknowledges and celebrates the significant contributions and accomplishments by its members in a variety of ways.  Member Clubs are also encouraged to participate in the award programs offered by Bowls Canada (BCB) and their city’s Sport Council’s and Achievement Awards Programs.

Annual Achievement Awards

Pins are awarded for the top three teams of  provincial championships and most tournaments.  Clubs whose members win the provincial championships receive pennants to display in their clubs houses.  And for some of the championships trophies are presented and proudly displayed at the home clubs until the following year.

Bowls Canada’s Club and Member Awards

Did you or a member of your club bowl a perfect end?  Celebrate with a Perfect End pin.  Bowls Canada is pleased to offer the Perfect End Pin for $7.00 per pin (includes shipping and taxes) and must be purchased from the BCB store and a form completed from there.

Bowlers who have reached their 25 or 50 year anniversary of membership are eligible to receive a commemorative pin that celebrates their commitment to the sport. 

Please acces these awards from the following link:

Clubs that are in existence for 100 years are eligible for the BCB Club Centenary Award. Affiliated clubs may access this program by emailing their club information to

A Club Award Program may be introduced this year to replace the Drakes Pride Membership Contest that was offered through Bowls Canada Boulingrin for years. Clubs will be acknowledged for membership growth, great management practices and innovative ideas to promote our sport. This is a project still in progress.

Annual Nomination Awards

Each year the Bowls Alberta Board of Directors will consider the contributions of its members for the following awards:  Volunteer of the Year Award and Long Term Service Award. The awards are announced at the Annual General Meeting and the names of the recipients are added to the associations online Annual Recognition page. These awards are for members that have contributed significantly to the provincial association and BA encourages clubs to have similar awards for members that contribute significantly to their clubs.  Here is the Volunteer and Long Term Service Award Nomination form 2019 which includes a brief description on the back page of what may qualify a person for one of the awards.  Nomination forms must be completed and sent to the BA office no later than Oct. 9, 2019.

Wall of Fame

Nominations for Bowls Alberta’s Wall of Fame can be made by any individual member or club for the following two categories:  Builders and Athletes.

Builders of our sport are those that have contributed significantly over many years. They may have served several years on boards or committees both at a club and provincial level, coached for many years at various levels, represented Alberta at numerous National Events, played internationally for Canada on the Bowls Canada Boulingrin squad, promoted bowls in some unique and progressive way, or were founders of their club or some special provincial event. Bottom line is builders’display an outstanding passion and dedication to our sport over many years.

Athletes of our sport are those that have contributed significantly through playing our sport. These are the individuals that have been competing at the provincial level for more than twenty years, they have represented Alberta at National events for more than ten years, and possibly they have played on the Canadian National squad.   They should also have won several medals/awards for their achievements over all their years of competing.

The specific criteria for both Builder or Athlete of our sport are outlined on the nomination form along with all the required documents to accompany a nomination. The nomination form/package will be available here soon.