The Medicine Hat LBC was taken over this past weekend by teams from Lethbridge as well as teams from Edmonton’s Royal and Highland clubs!  15 Triples teams along with another handful or two of volunteers enjoyed each other’s company whether on the green in an intense game, whether in the club house over a cup of coffee or lunch, whether sharing a barbecue dinner together, or whether playing in some competitive finals games. There is a rumor as well about some late night patio party at a hotel that was enjoyed by the out of town guests.


Thank you to Howard Davison for helping run the tournament and many thanks to the volunteers from the Medicine Hat club that put on such a fantastic event. It was great to have Sandy Morrice, past president of the MH club and one of the founders of the event, show up to present the winning trophy.


The overall winner of the tournament was the Highlands team of Barb Spencer, Tony Spencer and Monika Pachan.  Congratulations to all the division winners and runner-ups:  full results here.