At the heart of any sport lies the dedication to nurture talent, foster growth, and build a community that thrives on integrity, inclusion, collaboration, and stewardship. For Bowls Alberta, this commitment is not just a mission; it’s a way of life. Guided by a vision to cultivate a vibrant lawn bowls culture in Alberta, Bowls Alberta stands as a beacon of support for its member clubs, players, and enthusiasts alike.

Mission: Supporting Excellence

Bowls Alberta’s mission is clear: to support member clubs by providing leadership, guidance, coordination, and development services that advance and enhance the sport of lawn bowls in Alberta. Through strategic initiatives and programs, Bowls Alberta serves as a cornerstone for the growth and success of lawn bowls across the province.

Vision: Uniting Communities

Central to Bowls Alberta’s vision is the aim to cultivate a lawn bowls culture in Alberta that brings people together and allows participants to achieve their goals in the sport. Whether it’s fostering camaraderie on the green or empowering athletes to reach their full potential, Bowls Alberta envisions a future where lawn bowls serves as a unifying force, enriching lives and communities alike.

Values: Pillars of Excellence

Integrity, inclusion, collaboration, and stewardship are more than just words; they are the guiding principles that shape every aspect of Bowls Alberta’s endeavors. Upholding the highest standards of conduct, Bowls Alberta is committed to honesty, respect, and transparency in all its dealings. Moreover, by fostering a fun, safe, and welcoming environment, Bowls Alberta ensures that everyone feels valued and included, regardless of background or skill level. Collaboration with stakeholders is not just encouraged but embraced, as Bowls Alberta actively solicits input and feedback to drive positive change. Finally, stewardship lies at the core of Bowls Alberta’s ethos, honouring the trust of its members by maintaining financial responsibility and accountability.

Player/Athlete Development: Nurturing Talent

At the heart of Bowls Alberta’s commitment to excellence lies its player/athlete development programs. Through initiatives like the Athlete Development Squad and Alberta Development Squad Camp, Bowls Alberta identifies and nurtures talent across the province. The 2024 Athlete Development Squad, comprised of players in the Learn and Train to Compete development stages, represents the pinnacle of grassroots talent.  These athletes are chosen for their potential to excel in the sport.

Looking Ahead: Inter-Squad Competitions

As part of the ongoing development journey, the 2024 Alberta Development Squad is gearing up for a series of Inter-Squad Competitions. These events, scheduled at prestigious lawn bowling clubs across Alberta, provide a platform for athletes to showcase their skills, compete at a high level, and further their development journey. From the Bow Valley Lawn Bowling Club, Commonwealth Lawn Bowling Club to the Calgary Lawn Bowling Club, these competitions epitomise the spirit of excellence and camaraderie that defines Bowls Alberta.

 A Bright Future Ahead

In conclusion, Bowls Alberta’s commitment to excellence in player/athlete development is unwavering. Guided by its mission, vision, and values, Bowls Alberta continues to serve as a catalyst for growth, unity, and success in the world of lawn bowls. As we look ahead to the future, one thing remains certain: the best is yet to come for Bowls Alberta and the vibrant lawn bowls community it serves.