The Club Coach Course has been developed by the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and by Bowls Canada Boulingrin.  It has recently been updated, piloted, a few further refinements and is now available for delivery. Coach Facilitators Derek and Pat will also add a new developed module on Coaching Athletes with Disabilities specific to lawn bowling.

This course is designed for someone with at least two or three years experience as a player and wishes to share their enjoyment of the game by introducing others to the basics of the game and the safe and welcoming environment of their club. It also helps prepare those volunteers who offer to help with a corporate or other visiting group on how to help newbies begin playing and enjoy a positive experience.

Current Club Coaches who have trained over six years ago are encouraged to also retake the course.  There will also be a refresher course later in the spring for all coaches.

Are you interested in coaching and taking a course? Know someone who is interested?

Please contact Pat to register at

For dates of courses visit our Coaching Development Page.