The survey about the changes to the National Championships distributed to Bowls Alberta members is complete.  Thank you to everyone who took the survey and especially for your thoughtful responses to the questions.


The survey report is available for you to look at. Bowls Alberta – survey report


What we have learned is that Alberta bowlers are divided in their support of the new format. We have noted that 59% of respondents who have competed at the provincial and national level disagree with the changes compared to 28% who agree.  We realize this is significant and respect the concerns of this group of competitive players.


Bowls Alberta will share the survey report with Bowls Canada.  We will ask them to provide a plan of what the future could look like to address concerns that Alberta would have fewer competitive opportunities under the new format.  We will highlight that Singles Championships are a major concern that need further consideration.


Bowls Alberta looks forward to further dialogue with Bowls Canada.