The Athlete Committee was pleased to receive twenty applications for the 2019 Development Squad. There were 9 women and 11 men that applied of which there were three U25 members of each gender. The Alberta Head Coach, Derek Dillon and the Squad Selectors, Dave Simpson and Roy Riege, sifted through the applications using the selection criteria and announced the following squad members at the Membership Spring Meeting held in Red Deer last Saturday:



Alexis Gallacher

Kiera Schaelow

Kyla Malcolm

Jenn MacDonald

Shannon Roden



Andrew Davison

Andrew Manson

Brad Roden

Francis Standen

Jon MacDonald

Kevin Dusablon

Mike O’Reilly


Congratulations to those that were selected!  And thank you to all those that applied!

A team of 8 players was selected from the squad to represent AB in the 2nd Annual AB BC Test Match to be held this year at the Calgary Lawn Bowling Club on May 31, June 1-2.  The following players will be joined by two senior members still to be confirmed:  Alexis Gallacher, Kyla Malcolm, Jenn MacDonald, Shannon Roden, Andrew Mason, Brad Roden, Jon MacDonald and Mike O’Rielly.