Youth Lawn Bowls — Give It a Try!

Youth Lawn Bowls — Give it a Try!

It is a myth that ‘lawn bowls is an old person’s sport’. The game is played across Canada by many younger people! Provinces hold annual youth championships, there is an annual Canadian Youth Championship, and there are several players under 18 on the Bowls Canada team and on their development squad.

Lawn Bowls is a great outdoor sport. Those who enjoy five or ten pin bowling or curling often give lawn bowls a try and get hooked. If there is a club near you, plan to give it a try.

  • School groups could arrange a field trip to a club.
  • Junior High groups could come weekly for six to eight weeks.
  • Some clubs offer a visit to an elementary class using the lawn bowls “Junior Jack Attack” kits to introduce students to the physical literacy skills of balance, rolling, and aiming.
  • Families can come together to try the sport.
  • Individual youth or youth groups could arrange an evening out.

How to Lawn Bowl

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