Annual Recognitions

Yearly Awards

Bowls Alberta is pleased to annually present two awards, one for the outstanding volunteer and one for long term service. The candidates must have participated in or promoted Bowls AB events and made a significant impact on or through the sport of bowls for all Alberta.

Clubs are also encouraged to present similar awards for their outstanding members that have made a significant impact for their club.

You can download the fill-able form here:
Volunteer of the Year and Long Term Service Award Nomination form 2023
Note the deadline for sending in the nominations will be next October, 2023!

Celebrating Past Recipients:
Bowls Alberta Volunteer of the Year Award
2022 Barb Moll
2021 Glen Brunelle
2020 Dwayne Hauck
2019 Judy Smith
2018 not awarded
2017 not awarded
2016 Howard Davison
2015 Ron Gebhardt
2014 Margaret Bruce
2013 Brian Wood
Bowls Alberta Long Term Service Award
2022 Margaret Bruce
2021 Val Wilson
2020 Rosina Toal
2019 Greg Dolsky
2018 Peter Gubitz
2017 David Simpson
2016 not awarded
2015 Dave Cox
2014 Betty Mertens
2013 Art Wieliczko